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Wish you were here

Welcome to the NYLine Photo Gallery! Here you will find picture galleries from our 2005, 2002, and 1999 lines. If you would like to submit your own line pics to be featured here, please send them to us!

2005 Galleries

NYLine III: Fan Day - June 18th, 2005 (Posted on 6/18/05)

NYLine Staff and Members celebrate the one month anniversary of Star Wars: Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith

NYLine III: Day 19 - The Final Countdown (Posted on 5/18/05)

Relive the fun and excitement of our final day on the line. Warning: My induce tears

NYLine III: Day 18 (Posted on 5/17/05)

More time on the line, JediRob VS. Amit and much, much more!

NYLine III: Day 17 (Posted on 5/16/05)

T-minus 2 days until premiere!

NYLine III: Day 16 - Madagascar Premiere (Posted on 5/15/05)

Will Smith, David Schwimmer, and more come out for the premiere of Madagascar. NYLine is there as usual...

NYLine III: Day 15 - Padawan Picnic (Posted on 5/14/05)

CBS Morning News, Jimmy Kimmel, Padawan Picnic, Line Baby Shower and much more...

NYLine III: Day 14 (Posted on 5/13/05)

More fun on the line and Movieoke!

NYLine III: Day 13 - CHF Charity Screening (Posted on 5/12/05)

All the stars of Star Wars come out for the Children's Health Fund Charity Premiere...

NYLine III: Day 12 (Posted on 5/11/05)

Just another day on the line...

NYLine III: Day 11 (Posted on 5/10/05)

Late Night Fun, James and the Giant Lightsaber Battle, Arrival of Geek Squad Bus.

NYLine III: Day 10 - Return of the Jedi (AJ Green) (Posted on 5/9/05)

Padawan, AJ Green, spends some time on the line...

NYLine III: Day 9 - Happy Mother's Day (Posted on 5/8/05)

Join us for Shift 29! Tea with Shmi!

NYLine III: Day 8 - A New Tent (Posted on 5/7/05)

Generous members of Shift 22 donated $10 or more towards the purchase of this new tent section.

NYLine III: Day 6 - Revenge of the Sith Press Screening (Posted on 5/5/05)

More fun on the line and Revenge of the Sith Press Screenings (3:30PM & 7:30PM)

NYLine III: Day 5 - Kingdom of Heaven Premiere (Posted on 5/4/05)

Kingdom of Heaven Red Carpet Premiere with Liam Neeson and Orlando Bloom...

NYLine III: Day 4 (Posted on 5/3/05)

More fun on the line. Starlight dropped by with some cool hats and the Zieg held it's first screening of ROTS!

NYLine III: Day 3 (Posted on 5/2/05)

Setting up the camp for out first weekday shift and a visit from Channel 7 Eyewitness News' Lauren Glassberg (and Marvin the Camera Guy)

NYLine III: Day 2 (Posted on 5/1/05)

A few shots of members and staff hanging out and doing the sidewalk thing. Do I see Epic Duels being played???

NYLine III: Day 1 - Almost There... (Posted on 4/30/05)

The first batch of pics from the opening day of NYLine III!

Celebration III: Day 2 (Posted on 4/22/05)

Our table, as it was, in the Fan Hall at Star Wars: Celebration 3...

Celebration III: Day 1 (Posted on 4/21/05)

Setting up for Star Wars: Celebration 3 at the Indiana Convention Center...

NYLine eBay Charity Auction (Posted on 4/21/05)

View the photo gallery of all the items previously up for sale!

Toy's "R" Us' Midnight Madness: The Day After - Staten Island Edition (Posted on 4/3/05)

Spell has some snapshots of the kickoff to share from the borough of Staten...

Toy's "R" Us' Midnight Madness with Vince Hardy (Posted on 4/3/05)

Join Vince at the Toys "R" Us in Times Square for the big event...

NYLine Liberty Mascot By Nathan Sawaya (Posted on 3/14/05)

LEGO Masterpiece donated by Nathan Sawaya - Brick Artist Extrodinaire!

NYLine III: First Meeting! (Posted on 5/24/04)

NYLine staffers hold the first meeting for NYLine III a full year before Star Wars: Episode III opens!

2002 Galleries

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1999 Galleries

NYLine Highlights: 1999 (NYLine Trading Cards)

The Best of NYLine 1

The Best of "Jedi Rob" Martin: 1999

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