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Pictures From The Advance Sales Line Are In!

Posted by Ariel on

Number of people currently in line: 1000

The line this afternoon was unreal...going all the way around the block, with an estimated 1500 people waiting in line to get tickets.

There were even more people coming in in the afternoon, when news arrived that Moviefone had literally crashed and the only way to get tickets was to line up!

We shot about a hundred pictures of the line festivities, so there is a pretty good chance you'll recognize yourself in some pictures ;-)

Click on the link at the top of this frame to go to the Picture Gallery.

Oh and by the way, check out the last 2 pictures from the FOX NEWS scrolling banner on the corner of 50th street! Really cool!

Story Highlights

Fox News ticker reads: '7 Days to the FORCE...Tickets for new Star Wars epic are now on sale...'