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Update from Opening Weekend

I finally had a chance to review a video monitoring report for May 1st and 2nd. A search was done using the key words Ziegfeld and Starlight.

The NYLine story was broadcasted 17 different times in the NY tri-state market. The story was picked up by 22 affiliates across the U.S. including Boston, Miami, Sacramento, Las Vegas and Portland.

May 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th


  • New York Post
  • The Daily News
  • The Bronx Beat (in-depth article on Bronx resident & NYLine organizer, Robert)

Phot Syndicates

  • Contact Press Images


  • AP - Workplace Writer: wanted to get the scoop on the "creative ways" many on us asked for days off work - the trip to Bahamas will just have to wait for next year...
  • Agence France-Presse: third largest news agency after AP and Reuters.

Online Coverage

  • Wired News
  • Harlem Live - an internet publication produced by Harlem youth. Check it out at


  • BBC-TV
  • MTV
  • Brazilian "Entertainment Tonight"
  • Fox Channel 5, Friday
  • NBC Channel 4, Friday


  • BBC-Radio
  • SW Network : Sony Radio Syndicate
  • WNEW-FM : Mason & Kolinsky Morning Show

Future Features

  • Time Magazine
  • Newsweek Magazine
  • Correio Braziliense
  • Seattle Post
  • Sci-fi Channel: regular visits for the documentary, Episode I: Unauthorized: A Sci-Fi Report on the Phantom Menace, which will be broadcast, May 17th.