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Soaps, Yo-Yos & The BBC — Oh, My!

Posted by Steve on

Number of people currently in line: 23

After a slow, damp start this morning, a break in the weather brought sunnier spirits and warmer temperatures to the NYLine. With them came an abundance of passers-by, who had a front-row seat for the taping of NYLine's own soap Opera, "Life Line."

Line coordinator Robert Cartegena served as director of the first episode. His experience as coordinator allowed him to do the impossible - when he yelled "Quiet on the set!" on a crowded Midtown street, people actually became silent.

This original continuing drama will unfold over seven to 10 episodes on NYLine TV, and it tells of the passions and deceptions that erupt among a group of twenty-something fans while waiting on line for a certain movie to premiere.

Fiction and reality merged when the shooting of "Life Line" overlapped with the arrival of a news crew from the BBC. The crew stayed on-hand to capture the late afternoon and early evening events which included a high stakes Yomega Yo-Yo contest and a cutthroat trivia competition.