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Ticket Policy

Posted by Matt on

Number of people currently in line: 30

Here's an FYI for our line members and all those fans that visit our website for news. Ziegfeld has announced that advance tickets may be purchased starting May 12th. Fans who have signed up with NYLine Countdown can also purchase tickets in addition to the one they are getting for waiting on line with NYLine. Ziegfeld has passed down its official policy concerning the ticket line. Here are the points set out by the theater:

  1. There will only be one line for tickets. There had been speculation that there would be two separate lines, one consisting of the members of the NYLine Countdown and one of fans not associated with the line. This will not be the case.
  2. The line will start with the members of NYLine Countdown. The theater management has made this decision. Fans who are not associated with NYLine will be lining up behind those who are. We know this seems unfair, but please take into account all the hard work and time we have been put into the line thus far. We recommend members come early enough so they will be waiting in line for some time. (Read recommendations below.)
  3. NYLine members are limited to the same number of tickets as the general public. Every fan buying tickets, whether they are associated with NYLine or not, will be limited to purchasing 6 tickets per show, 12 tickets per transaction.

  4. Tickets purchased by members of NYLine will be for seats outside the area reserved for NYLine Countdown. Many fans have signed up for the line with friends and would like to sit together. We are doing everything we can to accommodate these groups and we believe we will succeed in doing so. Tickets purchased outside the agreement we have with the Ziegfeld will be for seats outside our area, so there's no way we can or will guarantee that you will be seated with people you buy tickets for.

We understand that fans who joined the NYLine would love to get more tickets. Being limited to 1 and not being able to purchase more is unfair. We encourage our members to come to the line early and camp out with us to get tickets for friends and family who are unable to set aside time to line up. However we also understand that it will seem unfair to the general public if all these people cut into the line after they have arrived.

To be fair to everyone, NYLine has come up with the following recommendations:

  1. If you want to purchase additional tickets, please arrive by 12:01 midnight Wednesday to line up. (That's late Tuesday night going into early Wednesday morning, we get confused too.)
  2. We will be trying to deter NYLine fans from joining our portion of the line after 6:00 AM. We hope this doesn't seem too harsh, but try to put yourself in the shoes of the fans who weren't fortunate enough to join our band of Rebels. We know we are not going to please everyone with this recommendation, but we are trying to be as fair as possible to as many people as possible.

For those NYLine fans that do make it out to the line to get additional tickets, we will organize our portion of the line as follows:

Pink badges will be in front in order of first come first served followed by yellow badges in order of first come first served.

Again, we know some people will be upset by this and we apologize if it seems unfair. We hope you understand and are able to help us make this as fun a time as possible for everyone.