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Webcam, ICQ, Website, and Payphone News

Posted by Ariel on

Number of people currently in line: 11

Well our webcam was up for a good amount of time yesterday, but our DSL connection is very unstable at this time, Bell Atlantic will (hopefully) stop by today and make the small adjustment required to get the DSL going strong.

Unlike some other lines, we will not have someone constantly at one of the computers chaatting on ICQ or DalNet, you can send messages, and we'll reply eventually.

You can call the payphone any time you want, remember that for the first week (untill this friday) we are not here all 24 hours in a day. The number, and our ICQ number are located in an earlier update.

About the website in general, if you haven't figured out already, the website uses a daily approach to news, to see previous day's news just change the date on the pull-down menu on the top-right of this frame.

We're having a blast out here!