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I say, over there! Were you looking for me?

Posted by Amit on

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I know it's been quite some time since a news update, and for that I'm quite sorry, m'ladies. Here's a quick rundown on the situation, hot off the non-existant internet presses. In a couple of weeks we're going to have a big meeting that's going to hopefully resolve alot of the issues that are holding us back from really making the jump to lightspeed. If all goes well, expect updates coming faster than a speederbike tied to a podracer.

Oh, but there was one piece of good news - we have gotten the OK to do the line from the BigScaryLucasfilmLawyers, so that's one less worry. Otherwise, just stay tuned, same jedi time, same jedi channel!

And don't forget to watch the new trailer on Sunday! And don't forget to oil up that mouse for the frame by frame study session when it becomes available for download!