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It's Not Over Yet!

Posted by Steve on

Number of people currently in line: 1138

Just because we're no longer camped in front of the Ziegfeld doesn't mean the NYLine fun and excitement has to end! We'll be getting around to all those Fan of the Day profiles that somehow managed to evade our turbolasers, and as news and events of interest to line members become available, we'll be posting them. Also, June 16 is a Sunday; as alums of 1999 remember, we had a one-month line reunion and called it Fan Day. It seems appropriate that we continue that tradition as well!

And keep those fold-up chairs and sleeping bags ready, because in approximately 1,097 days, NYLine III will begin!!!

Now... say it with me: "Spoiler Free 'til Episode III... Spoiler Free 'til Episode III!"