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Lookin' Fine on the Line!

Posted by Amit on

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The first NYLine II shirts are now available!

For a limited time, from now until April 27th, the first day of the line up, an exclusive t-shirt is available for order. The front of the shirt features the image that will also be the NYLine II badges - an appropriate Star Wars- themed parody of a New York City icon, the Metrocard. The back of the shirt reads 'NYLine II, April 27th - May 16, 2002,'. You can get the shirt as a regular T, a baby doll T, or a long sleeve at $16.99, $19.99 and $21.99 respectively (all in a number of sizes). All of NYLine's profits from these shirts will go to the Starlight Children's Foundation.

This is not the 'official' NYLine II T-shirt, there will be other shirts available, but this shirt can only be ordered online and only until April 27th. And, if you won't be attending the line in New York, this will be your only chance to get a badge, so to speak!

(Note: the badge on the shirt DOES NOT COUNT as an actual badge.)

To view and order the shirt, go to