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NYLine Day 11 - There's Something Alive In Here...

Posted by Amit on

Number of people currently in line: 28

Yes, I'm quite aware of the fact that I'm currently writing the update for Day 11 when Day 12 is winding down right about now. I'm glad you're here to tell us these things!

Alright, my apologies if I come across as a little grumpy - you see this is only my second day without any time spent on the line, and being away is giving me some form of hibernation sickness. The line is like the finest spice (which is a drug, as Kevin J. Anderson told us that George Lucas told him, hence my use of the reference), and I'm in withdrawal. I put on my badge today despite knowing I wouldn't be coming to the line. I have issues. However, I did need to get to my parents house at some point to let them know that I'm still alive, do some laundry for free, and get a nice meal that I can actually eat INDOORS. And I should enjoy it, now that I have my appetite back, but more on that later...

The overnight into Tuesday was pretty quiet - we had a nice turnout, but most people had some strange belief that nighttime is for sleeping. Sometimes I just don't understand human behavior. However, things kicked into a nice latin flavored groove come 9 o'clock, as I got to experience one of my lifelong dreams - yes my friends, I (along with Matt and Joe Salhab) was interviewed by the morning radio crew of 97.9 FM, La Mega: New York's BEST source for Spanish Language music. I don't know what was going on down there, but odds are good that we were torn apart worse than the Tantive IV. Fortunately, on hand to help was Victor Merced, the man who NEVER leaves the line (and yet is somehow number 2 in points). Vic used his skills in Spanish to tell them all what we were doing, and why we were doing it. He was on the air for maybe 10 minutes, plugging the heck out of Starlight, and cracking up the DJs. Again, I'm not fluent in too many forms of communication, but he really seemed to do a number, everybody sounded pretty impressed. And how could you not be?? He's Victor!!

The rest of the afternoon was pretty uneventful, or at least I'd assume it was since I had to head over to work for a few hours. The fact that I wasn't around probably means it was kinda lame. (Delusions of grandeur, anyone?)

At 4 PM, the Ziegfeld opened up for the first of two press screenings of Attack of the Clones. Over the next few hours, a great many of us were presented with the opportunity to take an extra ticket and see the movie right then. I had one in my hand for a few moments...but there was no conflict. I gave it up to line member Ray Abell in exchange for a $20 donation into the Starlight bin. To be honest, there was never any temptation for me...I have to see this movie for the first time with 1200 screaming friends, in a digital presentation. I need to boo at crappy trailers, and sing along to the Clearview theme song. However, a few of us were seduced...the following line members have seen Episode II before you (off the top of my head): Eric S., Ray A., John Y., John G., Viktor L., Lauren K., Byron C. Juan U., Mowgli I., Joe Z., Alan G., Robert H., Mark H., Mark S., David G., Brandon H., and probably a few others I'm forgetting.

Seek them out...Disintigrations are optional...

I can tell you this much though...the reaction wasn't in these people's was on their faces. This movie was VERY well received. With the exception of one mixed review, everybody seemed floored. "Eighty Thumbs Up", said Viktor. It was almost painful to watch all the smiling faces. One week to go....(but only one week left in the line! What a paradox!)

While some of our members were off in that crazy galaxy way away, the staff had what will probably be our last meeting, which started out at the Ben Ash Deli around the corner. I gotta a(d)mit that the food looked really quite good when we got it...

You know, there are those moments of realization that really just take a couple of seconds to register. Kind of like Luke looking at his own mechanical hand after slicing off his Dad's. I got to witness such an event last night. I know the joy of having snapshots burned in my head of Karen Grenke receiving her food, looking down at it, pausing in a moment of contemplation, cocking her head back, and finally letting out a scream that only she could produce. Gently caressing her turkey burger was just about the biggest cockroach you ever did see. To quote some guy from some thing, I'm never coming back to this planet again!

Ahhhhhhhh, I love my town.

So that's about it...hopefully you'll be getting another update about today's doings real soon! And hopefully it'll be as cool as Dave's was yesterday! (The one I told Matt to do - Mr. awww...I travelled 1,000 miles to be on the line for the weekend and I'm too tired ;)

Oh yeah, one last thing - if you've been reading these updates regularly, you'll know that like Star Wars, recurring themes seem to have been popping up on our line compared to the one in '99 (maybe you remember the Angelina Jolie movie playing at the Zieg as we wait, the second day rainstorm, the bird incident, etc.) Well we had a REAL strange one on Monday - That was the day that of the big premiere at the theater of "Unfaithful". Well, 3 years ago there was also a premiere during our line for "Notting Hill." Guess what movie was shown on ABC for the first time on the very same night of the big premiere at the Zieg during our Episode II line?

Will of the force, baby...