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NYLine Day 12 - Imperials, Spaniards and Lacking Egos

Posted by JediRob on

Number of people currently in line: 22

Hey kids, Jedi Rob reporting from the line. Amit asked me to do the update, cause all those "blue badgers" haven't been here. They can't roll with with the big boys, they can't connect with the people! That or they are responsible productive members of society whose sense of self worth isn't falsified for three weeks by sleeping on the streets of New York City. Anyways, it's been a cool couple of days, with myself and a few others setting up permanent residence at 139 West 54th St. Our Celebration brothers returned loaded with goodies, we had our first Imperial visit, which in turn brought about a gathering of the races on the street. About fifty Spanish business men posed for pics with the white knights, while an equal amount of chinese folk snapped away from across the street. Our camp underwent some renovations due to God's apparent anger with us. We're wrapped up all nice and cozy in blue and green plastic debating the abilty to twirl lightsabers in reality.

Well folks I really don't have a whole lot to say when I'm not swearing or insulting people. Just another example of my lacking social skills. So with that said come on down folks and Jedi Rob and the rest of Echo Base will welcome honor you, and eventually insult you.