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NYLine Day 13 - For The Jedi It Is Time To Eat As Well...

Posted by Amit on

Number of people currently in line: 34

In the past three years, I had forgotten about one of the staple side effects of excessive waiting for Star Wars - an ailment I like to call "line throat". It's kind of like a sore throat caused by abundant laughing, endless pleading for Starlight donations, and attempting to sleep in 40 degree weather. But somehow, the symptoms only show themselves on the right, or geekier side of one's throat. It's really a fascinating malady, I know I'm not the only one who's been afflicted. Right? Anybody? C'mon gimme a sign here! Ah well, there goes my attempt at pointing out little idiosyncratic trivialities and being the Star Wars line's Jerry Seinfeld. (I mean, what's the DEAL with the Rebels??)

Okeyday, so Thursday can best be summed up in two words: LINE MOM. I'm not sure how many of you kids out there were around in '99, but if you don't know who I'm talking about, well strap yourselves in I'm gonna make the jump to an old story. One balmy day on our first line (note: I don't really remember the weather, so I'll just say it was balmy) a lovely woman stops by the line, brings us food, washes our clothes, brings us more food, makes a short film about us, brings us some more food, passes out blankets, and endears herself to all of us for ever and ever. Now, other lines out there might have similar adoptive mothers, and I'm sure they are nice ladies, them all. But my friends, unless their line mom also played the voice of Cheetara on Thundercats, I'm sorry, but they pale more than Ki-Adi Mundi in some place without much sun. Anyway, last night, that special lady, also known as Lynne Lipton, somehow talked the nearby Au Bon Pain into letting us take almost all of their leftover pastries and soup at the end of each night until the end of the line. So if you're looking for muffins, croissants, donuts, et. al, you know where to show up! As Will Sirota said, it's an Attack of the Scones. Aha.

Here are a few good reasons to get yourself out to the line tomorrow, May 11th:

The Star Wars Wedding: Diana C., and Brian T. will be affirming their bond at 2:00 PM on the line. Will the vows consist of an "I love you" and an "I know"? You'll have to be there to find out! Expected to preside over the ceremony will be the only person with enough power to make something like this official, the son of the suns himself, Darth Vader. Let's just hope it doesn't bring back some painful memories of his prequel past, and there's no crying. That would be bad.

The Conan O'Brien Show should be stopping by at some point to gawk at the freaks!! Keep all of your appendages crossed, for there's a slight chance another dream of mine might come true, and we might be visited by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. All too easy, perhaps, but who says it wouldn't be funny??

We hope to have a celebration of sorts to commemorate the birthdays of Suzanne, Vinny, and anybody else who's got their big day around now. Be warned though, it might be BYOJJH (that's Bring Your Own Jar Jar Hats).

The Trials: This is it, padawans, time to make it or break it - during the overnight we screen the Star Wars Holiday Special for anyone who has yet to see it, and for everyone else to experience the magic one more time. If you're not afraid yet, you will will be. Also during the night we'll be showing any fan films or home videos that anyone wants to show, so bring whatever you've got along with you!!

Well, that's about it from here for now, I'm heading back to my slab of concrete for the next couple of days, but before I go, I just wanted to post another look back at Thursday's fun, sent in by line member Cullen Factor. Of course his CYNICAL views aren't necessarily those of NYLine staff, etc. etc...:)

We came, It smelled, we kicked it's ash!

By NYLine Member Grand Admiral Cully

First of all, I would like to say the Stormtroopers from the 501st. actually are human beings underneath the costume. Late last night they unmasked sweating and stinkin, off they went to watch THAT OTHER MOVIE Arachna-Man or something. There was a lot of talk about the "Rules", what they were, how you might be in the grey area of them, and where were the "Rules"?

Much Force going out to Au Bon Pain, and the Krispy Kremes, to the delight of all they were a welcome treat. Last nights turnout was great, lots of enthusiasm. We lucked out with the weather, when the rain decided to spare us. Thanks to the Force of course.

I am embarassed to say that I have never heard of either "Waiting for Guffman" or "The Onion". Thank you to the people you know who you are for the introduction, I am forever in your debt. There was a ton of laughter last night. Another curious motorist pulled over to find out what was going on, of course when the Starlight Jar came towards the car it conveniently sped away. I have kept a small tally of money donated to the jar.

Starlight Tip Jar

  • Blue Collar: Over 90%
  • Busboys: 4%
  • Homeless: 4%
  • Tourists: One Signed John Stamos Cabaret Program (a must for any completist)
  • Loose change found on street: 2%
  • White Collar workers have gone on strike, due to unremovable fish hooks in thier pockets.

Anyhoo here is a PSA from our Sponsors the word Filth. Thanks to the cast of "You can't do that on Television" for this fine performance.

Filth (Noun)
Foul or dirty matter.
Disgusting garbage or refuse.
A dirty or corrupt condition; foulness.

(Moose, Allister, Han Solo and NYLine Tent in the Lockers)

Allister: Hey Moose!

Moose: Yeah, Allister?

Allister: Do you know smells actually have weight?

Moose: No, Allister I did not know that.

Allister: Yes, The average smell weighs 760 nanograms according to Japanese Researchers.

NYLine Tent: Well whatever was here last night weighed about a Trillion nanograms.

See all of you this weekend. Don't forget rice, and Blue Milk for the wedding.

Han Solo: I thought they smelled bad on the outside!