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NYLine Day 17 - Rainstorms are Very, VERY Dangerous

Posted by Amit on

Number of people currently in line: 20

What in the heck happened to this supposed drought we were supposed to be having here in New York?? Things have finally cleared up, but Monday was yet another messy day on the line. Tarps fired up their converters and lifted off, tents shook as if the sidewalk was not entirely stable, and people got just plain wet. Byron Crystal, the best starpilot in the galaxy (or at least the only one who's car hasn't been towed yet) led us on a damn fool idealistic crusade to a 24 hour laundromat to dry off all of the blankets that had been left to soak in the past few days. It was kinda grody.

Hmmm...what else happened...I do believe that our week long Epic Duels tournament is almost over, I'm not exactly sure that the prize we give for that is going to be indicative of the effort put into the game. But the "Duels" are a test for pride, not spoils - at least I think it is, I can't bear to watch for fear of being hypnotized like so many others, and forgoing the midnight premiere to finish off one last round.

Shiny happy faces were abundant throughout the day however, as a good number of our members got their grubby hands on the 12:01 tickets they've been aspiring towards for the past two weeks. There was plenty of bad celebratory dancing (but none as horrid as Lando's at the end of ROTJ). Ticket distribution will continue tonight for as long as Suzanne is present, and on into tomorrow for those last few people who don't like listening to rebel scum :) Wednesday is going to be madness, I highly advise everyone to get to the theater as soon as possible, and NO LATER THAN 8 PM, especially if you haven't picked up your ticket. Until then I'll also be attempting to line people up in an order based on a combination of shift points and starlight money raised.

I suppose I was straying a bit from the line update there, but I find that I just can't quite focus, people. The fact of the matter is, my thoughts dwell on the idea that we're all but 31 hours from seeing Attack of the Clones. As I left my apartment this morning, I realized that the next time I come home, I'll have seen Episode II. As I tied my shoes, I pondered the thought that I probably will only be tying my shoes a few more times before seeing the movie. As I went to the bathroom, I...well you understand.

31 hours...This is nutsin...