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NYLine Day 18 - The Line Stops Here

Posted by Spell on

Number of people currently in line: 32

Well the day of days has finally arrived! The press is here and, as usual, we can't seem to win out with the weather. It's a windy day here at Echo Base 2, but our spirts and our excitment are very high.

In just a few short hours we will begin dismanteling our home here and begin the final wait to enter the theater.

The theater marquee will also be changed shortly. An event we are all looking forward to!

Ahhhh...only 11 more hours! Don't forget to bring your badges and to be here at 8PM. NYLine goes in at 9PM, so if you are late - you take your chances with the general public!

Gotta go now! The Conan O'Brien Show is here! What fun!