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NYLine Day 2 - A Hard Days Night

Posted by Amit on

Number of people currently in line: 1

Yes, I know...George Lucas gives us a few glimpses of a certain melee between a certain non-death-stick wanting Jedi Knight and a certain bounty hunter who's name rhymes with Mango Fett, and all of a sudden a torrential downpour seems really cool. As the foremost perpetrator of incessant comparisons between our situation on the line tonight and the one that Obi-Wan faces in AOTC, I must admit that it WAS fairly tubular...for about 10 or so minutes at least. Then I had to come to the somewhat bitter realization that, alas, my midichlorian count hovers somewhere between 7 and 8, and thus my umbrella would probably have been better suited as means of protection from pneumonia than tied up as a representation of a crystal lightsaber. Nevertheless, our members showed the dedication of Jedi, as they stuck it out through the lightening and thunder, helping us to bring down our camp set-up when the winds and rain became just a bit too extreme.

From the files of the freaktastic, in 1999 (I do believe it was also the second day, but I have been known to make mistakes...from time to time), heavy rain forced us to take down our materials early just as was the case today. "Star Wars" has it sandstorms, perhaps now we've got our tradition that tells us that everything is going to be okeyday. It's just a good thing that QuiGonTim's beard is real and we don't have to send people to scour the streets for it...

The other notable event of today's line action was that we had a brief encounter with a living legend, as Paul McCartney walked by and exchanged pleasantries with our own Joe Zurlo. If you'd like to know more about the meeting, seek out Joe - he will have no objection to speaking about it at great lengths ;) Also spotted in a nearby Starbucks was film director Ron Howard. However, for some reason it seems that at the time he was not discussing Willow. I guess it's just me, but I always figured that was the only thing he talked about.

I just want to extend thanks to all of the members who showed up today and weathered the storm. Aahahahhahahahhahahahhahahaahhaha. Sorry. Special thanks to Christina and everybody who helped to erect and take down our gloriously unsound archictecture of tarps held up by lightsabers. Shortly we'll have pictures of our camp afloat like Luke in a bacta tank (except we were all wearing more than just our undies). We'll also have our opening day pics up soon, we apologize for the delay in that! We'll see everyone on the (hopefully much drier) pavement in a few short hours!!

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