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NYLine Day 3 - Wanted: TaunTaun Guts

Posted by Amit on

Number of people currently in line: 1

While yesterday provided all the Kamino references that we could handle, today allowed members of the New York Line the opportunity to quote as many Hoth-related lines we could possibly emit when our jaws weren't frozen shut. To put it in the words of Ric Olie: It was cold today. Really really very rather quite frightfully frigid. Chilly, freezing, icy, frosty, bitter, wintry, frozen, and arctic can all describe the conditions on the line, or at least that's what the thesaurus in Microsoft Word seems to think. If you are not aware of the effects of weather on West 54th Street between 6th and 7th, here's a quick rundown: The sun makes an appearance for approximately 3 minutes and 27 seconds every day, and the winds are kind of reminiscent of those that blow Luke off the gantry after Vader uses the force to throw the pieces of metal towards Luke, but one of them goes through the window, breaking the window, and hence creating said wind. I like Star Wars. And so do our line members because they all beared down and laughed in the general direction of the cold. Unfortunately we were laughing in just about every direction because it was really cold.

However, while it may appear from my Tosche whining that this day was miserable, that is far from the truth. In fact, this was another landmark day, for it basically marked the beginning of what the line will be like throughout most of our remaining 15 days. Things settled down with anywhere between 10 and 30 people on the line depending on the time. We started soliciting donations for Starlight in earnest from the working man, and we also began to polish our sarcastic muttering when people wouldn't pay attention. But the key to the day was the chance we all had to warm our hands around the radiation emitted from somebody's laptop, watch the trailers and commercials, talk Star Wars, and start forming true friendships. That endeavor was facilitated by the fact that we all were pretty much garbage mashed together to preserve some body heat. And so those inside jokes were created, that you simply had to be there to understand. Most people won't really have a reaction when you mention meetings with "the man who spoke Huttese" or "American Psycho". A lot of folks don't know the pleasures of pretending that it was May 15th and for some reason only 12 people were on line for the premiere of AOTC, just so Japanese television could make their story work better. But alas, there is plenty of time for your own inside jokes if you weren't there today. And I'm sure when I get to the line after work tomorrow and everybody is joking about "the guy with the Yarael Poof neck" or something, I'm going to be pretty miffed that I missed out on that fun.

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