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NYLine Day 4 - This Party's NOT Over

Posted by Amit on

Number of people currently in line: 1

So I get to the line today around 6:30 to help relieve Steve Lorenzo, after he had spent the entire day as the only Staff member manning the bin/desk (or as we like to call it, the Ark of the Covenant). Just as he's about to jettster, I tell him that he should probably update the site concerning the day's activity since he was the only one around. Well then I get this ewok-eyes look and the rather sad excuse, "But nothing happened today". PSSHAW!! I have more than enough to tell you just from the 4 and a half hours I was out there. First of all, Paul McCartney walked by AGAIN. Man, that guy must be the most closeted Star Wars fan out there. I can just imagine him carrying the action figures he just bought in that leather satchel of his. I'm sure right now he's admiring his collection, saying something like "Ooh, I just love the sculpt on me new Count Dooku. He's even got Force Flipping Attack, yes." Come on out Paul, we all understand you over here! Anywhooz, shortly after that encounter we had another meeting with a celebrity of even greater stature, as comedian Patton Oswald stopped by and said hello. Hopefully we convinced him to get Conan O'Brien to do a spot on us...methinks him doing an overnight with us would result in much hilarity, no? Our friends at UGO also dropped in, talked to some of our members, and took a bunch of photographs, so look for us over there shortly!

With around 40 people on the line in the evening, we started up our first event: the trivia extravaganza known as "The Weakest Geek". With Christina Romo moderating and playing the role of Sith B*tch, the action was faster and more dangerous than a podrace on Malastare. Or at least I'd assume it was, as I was paying more attention to eating dinner at the time. But indeed the game was described as "bloody" by an anonymous participant named David Negrin. When all was said and done, Byron Crystal walked away with first prize, the "Bounty Hunter" graphic novel. Aaron Spratt came in second, garnering himself a Kit Fisto action figure. Both of these prizes were graciously donated to us by Forbidden Planet. As a special third place consolation, Mike Supey received a drawing of "Yo-Duh", the embittered half-brother of Yoda, who has a penchant for Cuban cigars. The illustration was courtesy of John Green, the artist responible for the image on the incentive shirts, and all of the cartoons in our newsletters. We'll have pictures of the event up shortly! Congratulations to our winners, and for everyone else there will be plenty of chances for you to smuggle away some cool spice. For example, on Saturday we are planning a tournament of the new Star Wars game "Epic Duels". The winner will receive an exclusive prize from Celebration II.

Alright, since I really need to go to sleep now, I'll leave you with some quotes overheard at the line on this fine night. If I misquoted you, or screwed something else with it, I was writing on purple post-its in the rain. It's not my fault!!

"It's like it never ended in '99..."

Eric Stern

"Topic of the day...The Empire Strikes Back was neither Imperial nor Striking...discuss..."

Kevin Pfeiffer

"It's cold, it's raining, I'm wet, and yet I'm happy to be here..."

Justin Michael

"My $6 soup tasted like $5 soup"

John Green


Victor Merced

"Looking forward to those overnights..."

Ben Zook

"I haven't been keeping up on spoilers, but I think this is the one where Luke finally gets together with Leia"

Aaron Spratt

"Yoda, in reality, is all of us. At the end of the day aren't we all 3 feet tall, hairy jedi masters?"

Mike Supey, Carl Keiderling, Seth Pesta

Also, Dave Creighton sends a shout out (to nobody in particular).

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