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NYLine Day 5 - A Night on the Line...From a Certain Point of View

Posted by Amit on

Number of people currently in line: 1 following events may or may not have occurred on the line yesterday:

People looked at us funny.
Epic Duels was played...AGAIN.
An air whale emerged from the sewers, wielding magic talismans that foretold prophecies of some sort.
The incentive shirts arrived, and the first chance you'll have to pick it up will be Sunday May 5th, if you have $50 raised for Starlight.
The fact that we are 2 WEEKS from the opening of Episode II was brought up.
1000 herds of elephants paraded down 54th Street, and then they all stood on my foot.
Epic Duels was played...AGAIN.

Ahh, who am I kidding, it's against my programming to impersonate someone with any shred of integrity. To tell you the truth, I'm not even sure what went on today, as I ended up being away from the line for almost the entire time. I mentioned yesterday that comedian Patton Oswald checked out the line, and he invited myself and some guests to see his act at Caroline's. Sensing the opportunity to push our cause to someone with as much sway in the media world as Mr. Oswald, I grabbed my counterparts John Green, Eric Stern, and JediRob Martin and headed down the few blocks to the comedy club. We were graciously put on the guest list, or at least someone with a similar sounding last name as mine was, so that was nice. Despite not really fitting in, appearance wise or economically ($7 for a soda? I could almost buy my own ship for that!), a grand time was had by all, the comedic stylings were seizure-inducing. We even got a Star Wars reference when Patton's Carvel bit was brought out, where he mentions that their cakes can't even be cut with lightsabers. After the show, he seemed to remember us and gladly took our literature, so even though it all ended much later than expected, it was done for the children. Remember, we laughed our hides off and didn't make it back to the line in time to help close up camp FOR THE CHILDREN.

Still...I don't know how much I like being away from the line. It kinda provides that nice little Gungan energy shield from the real world, and when you leave it's like somebody took a shot at the faamba it was residing on. Man, I'm such a dork. As was discussed tonight, I suppose we must acknowledge Tom Weppler's theorems of all genre fans having some sort of social inadequacies. Like when we were falling over ourselves at the hostess at Caroline's, and yet couldn't ever bring ourselves to actually speak face to face. And then when I saw her again on my L train on the way home, couldn't manage more than a nervous smile as I scuttled away into the darkness like a goblin, listening to Disc One of the TPM Ultimate Edition Soundtrack all the way. I think it's about time we break in David Negrin's new pick up line - when someone asks you what you're waiting for on the line, you say "I'm waiting for you, baby." That'll work, right?

Bah, y'know what? Who gives a womprats ass, freaking STAR WARS COMES OUT IN TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!