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NYLine Sign Up Now Live! - UPDATE!!

Posted by Spell on

Number of people currently in line: 460

That's right, folks!

It's time to sign up for shifts again!

Please make sure to read all of the instructions carefully and to give us your correct e-mail address so we can confirm your shifts and send a registration number to you as well.

Click here to sign up and May the Force Be With Us!

Only 25 days to go! Woohoo!


Just want to answer a few of the Frequently Asked Questions we've been getting lately:

1) You will be able to sign waivers and hand in money orders on the line. We will have extras (waivers, not money orders, silly) with us if you are not able to print them out. We will also have plenty of Starlight Sponsor sheets that we're going to stuff down your throat like a bone in a rancor.

2) We are not sure yet if the premiere of AOTC will be a midnight screening or otherwise, but we haven't heard anything that would lead us to believe it's not going to be 12:01, just like in '99. So take a visit to the Maxwell house on May 15th!

3) The address to send all waivers, ticket request forms, and money orders to is:

NYLine Countdown
244 Fifth Avenue
Suite 2808
New York, NY 10001

Waivers can be printed out here.

Ticket request forms can be printed out here.

Starlight Sponsor Forms can be printed out here.

4) Tickets that we will distribute for our members will be given out at a date that has not yet been set. However, this date will NOT be the day of regular advanced ticket sales, so you do not have to be on the line that day.

5) We are still working it out with Ziegfeld management in regards to how we are going to seat our members. Rest assured we are tryi...doing our best to get the best seats in the house, just like 5/19/99.

6) The $15 you send in via MONEY ORDER (postal or bank, NO personal checks), will cover the cost of your ticket. The remaining $5.00 (or $4.50 if they raise prices again) goes towards our administrative costs, including insurance. Any funds that are left over from this extra charge will be donated to Starlight.

7) There is a 25 member limit on shifts, at which point they get locked out. Most shifts are not near lockout yet, so fear not. We all know where fear leads...

8) The 45 points you sign up for on the website is a minimum. Feel free to add shifts when you get to the line, or show up for unscheduled shifts. The points you accumulate on these shifts will go towards prizes and priority seating for the premiere.

9) If you haven't received a confirmation E-mail, you haven't registered with us!! Write us quickly to let us know if you didn't get correspondance from us!!

10) Foreigners do not have to accumulate the 45 point minimum to earn a ticket for the premiere. We feel you've shown your dedication enough if you've come all this way! If you are coming from abroad, sign up for as many shifts as you can, and e-mail us telling us about your situation.

11) If you haven't cleared your mind of questions, including ones about our policy on Ticket Day, feel free to check out our rules . Otherwise you can email us at

12) And since these rules go to twelve, I'll just say if you haven't signed up yet....SIGN UP! And have a wizard time!

See ya on the pavement!!