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NYLine Web Cam Now Live!

Posted by Spell on

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That's right, folks! Beginning tonight you can view and virtually participate in events as they take place at...Spell's house?

I know, I know...right now you are probably asking yourself "Who or what is a Spell?". Simply put I am the guy who runs things here at and until we actually set a camera up at the theatre, I'm afraid you'll just have to view the strange happenings in my office, Monday - Saturday, 8PM - 12AM.

You'll need to have Microsoft's Media Player installed on your computer to watch the live video. If needed, you can download it from Microsoft's website by clicking here.

The Live Feed may take anywhere from several to sixty seconds to load depending on bandwith. If you have any additional problems with viewing after installation then please email us at:

To access the Web Cam simply click on the icon under "NYline Features".

Have fun! I'll try to wave every now and then :-)