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Ongoing Events for NYLine Members

Posted by SWNYC on

Number of people currently in line: 25

The Following Events were announced on the line April 27th. You must be an NYLine member to participate in any NYLine event.

Scavenger Hunt - Part I

The Phantom Menace Band Aids

A Loose Vintage Action Figure

Anything with Jar Jar Binks on it

A Star Wars Neck Tie

1 Decipher CCG

Special Wild Card: A ticket stub from opening day of The Phantom Menace at the Ziegfeld. Use this in place of any one item.

Part II will be announced on May 7th at the line. The main prize will be an autographed photo of Billy Dee Williams aka Lando Calrissian. The photo will be from Celebration 2 and will come with a COA.

Fan Art Contest

We are looking for artist to come up with their best representation of Star Wars AND NYC. If you plan on entering this contest, you must enter by sending an e-mail to us. More events to come. If you have any questions about events e-mail SWNYC.

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