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Our First Fan of the Day!

Posted by Spell on

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Well...sort of. I'll let Steve explain:

"This was supposed to be the final Fan of the Day profile for the Episode I NYLine. Somehow, during the excitement on May 18, 1999, it ended up not making it to our web site. Because Frank was above and beyond the most dedicated line member, putting in what seems like hundreds of hours - even after he attended an advance screening - it's only fitting that his profile be the inaugural "Fan of the Day" for NYLine 2002. Enjoy!"

Click here to check it out!

Also, our NYLine user poll has returned! Click here to partake in the survey and to help us, help you, help us. What? Oh, just take the survey!

Lastly, It looks like negotiations may be coming to an end with the Ziegfeld - stay tuned for more exciting details within the next few days!