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SWNYC Meeting, Saturday March 23rd

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We will be holding our Pre Big Apple Con meeting Saturday, March 23rd at 1:30 pm at the Food Court on 42nd Street. This is a very important event as we will be planning the events with Michael "Admiral Ozzel" Sheard the following week at Big Apple Con. Also a reporter from New York Newsday will be sitting in on the meeting as he is doing a piece on the Star Wars fandom in NYC and The Magic of Myth exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. He will also be sending a New York Newsday photographer to Big Apple Con on Friday, March 29th around 7 PM to photograph our members with Michael.

Our meeting agenda is as follows:

  • Opening Address
  • Big Apple Con
  • Charity Dinner Location Determined
  • SWNYC Killing Jar Jar Play Night Out Decided
  • SWNYC Museum The Magic of Myth Outing Date Decided
  • Hudson Valley Expo Plans discussed
  • Line News (Tentative)
  • Discussion Of A New Charity After The Magic of Myth ends
  • Attendance For Who Will Attend Press Day At The Magic of Myth
  • Trailer Discussion (Socialization)

We really are looking for our new members as well as ones we have not seen in a while to attend. This is a very important time for Star Wars and SWNYC. We hope to see you there!

For more info check out SWNYC and our Fanforce Forum.

UPDATE: Some of us will be going to see E.T. The Extra Terrestrial after the meeting.