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The First Transport is Away!

Posted by Amit on

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The first issue of our Newsletter, The New York Clone has gone live, and hopefully everyone who signed up has received their copy through the magic of e-mail. Feel free to print out as many copies as you please to frame, bronze, encase in carbonite - whatever makes you happy. Oh, but read them too, there's some neat stuff in there.

I'll give you a couple of seconds to go over it...

OK, so now that you've read the thing, please send us your comments, questions, suggestions, or anything else that you wish to share! Ruminations on NYLine 1? Send it in! Story ideas? Send it in! Tips to remove the ring around the collar from your jedi robe? Bring it! This is YOUR line and we want to do it up right for you. And to do that, YOU MUST CONTACT [US]! The address is, so tell us what you think!

Oh, and tell your friends to sign up!!!

Oh, and thanks for your patience!!!

Oh, and only 112 more days to gooooo!!!!