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The Tallest Yoda You've Ever Seen

Posted by Victor on

Number of people currently in line: 101

IMAX Attack of the Clones Poster That's right. You read it here first (or maybe not). The tallest Yoda will soon be available for all to see. No, I'm not talking about "Yoda Dave", though he's definitely held the title for the tallest Yoda on this planet for quite some time now. What am I talking about?

"Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones", the true Blockbuster of the year 2002 (not that wimpy, chinsy spider) will soon be arriving at an IMAX screen near you. Well, maybe not so near. But first things first.

I received word directly from George Lucas that an agreement had been reached between the head of the IMAX Corporation and Lucasfilm Ltd. That's right. (And if you believe that, you also believe the whole "Immaculate Conception" story about Shimi... just kidding)

According to a news article on the Internet, the most reliable source of information in the world, Lucas and the IMAX Corporation have indeed come to an agreement, which will bring the 2002 Blockbuster to most, if not all, IMAX screens. Read on for the main points of the news article:

"Imax, Lucas Team Up for Giant 'Star Wars' Movie" By Bob Tourtellotte

"Film company Imax Corp. and director George Lucas unveiled a deal on Monday to show blockbuster "Star Wars: Episode II -- Attack of the Clones" in Imax theaters, boosting Imax's push to show Hollywood films on its giant screens that can rise eight stories high.

Toronto, Canada-based Imax also said Lucas' Lucasfilm Ltd. will use Imax technology to remaster the film for Imax screens. The company, best known for spectacular nature and science documentaries it produces itself, says its new Imax technology makes theatrical films as sharp to watch on Imax screens as on normal movie screens.

That also marks a step forward for Imax because it owns the technology, called DMR (for Digital Remastering). As a result, DMR could generate lucrative royalty fees for the company if other Hollywood filmmakers follow Lucas' footsteps."

Also mentioned in the article:

"You couldn't find a movie better suited for the Imax format," said Bruce Snyder, president of domestic film distribution for 20th Century Fox, the movie studio that released "Star Wars: Episode II" this past May.

Imax theaters are mostly located near museums and tourist attractions and show science and nature movies. But in recent years, Imax has worked to change that image.

A space movie with the epic battles and special effects of "Star Wars" would seem a perfect showcase. "Star Wars" movies have loyal fans who will likely follow it to the giant screen. "Episode II" has raked in some $625 million at worldwide box offices, making it a major blockbuster this year."

The article concludes with this technological update:

"Imax has failed to win over Hollywood because standard 35 millimeter films formatted for Imax theaters lack the picture quality they have in traditional theaters. The DMR technology solves that problem, according to Imax."

There you have it. "Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones" will finally receive the honor that it deserves, by being re-formatted for an EIGHT STORY SCREEN!!! Think back at all those memorable scene that we've enjoyed since May 16th. The opening sequence, the Obi-wan/assassin droid sequence, the great panoramic "Sound of Music" scene, the shots of Kamino, and who can forget the Anakin/sunrise scene on Naboo. All of these and many more will be visible on those great EIGHT STORY SCREENS!!!

For all of us who have seen the movie, it will be a great to be able to clearly see those wonderful "Easter eggs" that the ILM guys have deposited throughout the movie (ahhh... the illusive X-Wing/Tie fighter scene). For first time viewers, and we should take one with us (just grab someone off the street), the experience should be out of this world.

Well, now for the reality check. No mention yet of when the movie will be released. I implore all Star Wars fans to begin a full attack on the web and on any and all sources for any information on when this gem of a movie will be released in this new format.

The next question is: will the movie be shown at the IMAX screen that is housed within the walls of the "SONY Theatre" located near Lincoln Center? Will "FOX" and "SONY" invest in the fans (and the dollar value we represent) and come to an agreement that will allow us to see the movie in Manhattan?

UPDATE: November 1st will be the ship date for 20th Century Fox/IMAX release of "STAR WARS: Episode II: Attack of the Clones"

According to Yahoo! News:

"Clones" Attacking on Imax by Josh Grossberg

"Those 20-minute nature documentaries at your local science museum Imax are so over, now that Yoda's getting supersized.

Imax Corporation and director George Lucas have announced they're joining forces to release Star Wars: Episode II--Attack of the Clones to really big screens everywhere.

The giant Clones will be distributed by 20th Century Fox to Imax theaters in North America on November 1."

There you have! The constant changes in the industry will have an effect on the outcome of where and when we LINE UP for the IMAX release!

As I come to the end of my first post on this site, and on the internet for that matter, the last question which I must present is: who will stand with ME, on a line, for several days and nights, to see the true Blockbuster of the year 2002, "Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones", on an IMAX screen?

May the Force Be With Us All,
Victor Merced

[Editorial Note: Please disregard the last question posed by the author of this post. It is believed that he was up writing this at about 3am, after drinking several liters of some unknown diet soft drink and having seen the movie "Signs" for the second time.]