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Us in Film Comment!!

Posted by Amit on

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Film Comment Magazine

On page 24 of the latest Film Comment Magazine (the one with Yoda on the cover, not the "Bollywood 101" issue) is a write-up detailing some of the madness outside of the Ziegfeld on premiere night, May 15th. While not mentioning our charity, and flubbing some details about the tent (it wasn't called Echo Base 139, it was Echo Base 2, at 139 West 54th Street – DUH!!), the article managed to be only mildly derisive. The author even took the time to compliment members Tom (Tom-Tom Binks) Minter and JediSamantha Brotzen, and the page features a dorsal view of our own Dave Creighton and his hat (which should have its own press coverage section on the site by now). The magazine can be purchased online here, and it is definitely a good read with some insightful commentary and nice Lucas interview. For those of us getting fed up with revisionist Original Trilogy theorizing and surface- analyzing prequel bashes, the lead in article and the Kevin Smith editorial are more refreshing than a Minute Maid brand frozen lemonade pop in the Jundland Wastes. Of course some of the pieces fall into the pastime of randomly throwing insults at Jar Jar, because the maker knows we haven't heard that before. If backlash against the Gungan was ever as severe as the media wishes it was, it certainly is old news by now. Oh but I know – they're programmed to understand humans. Pheh. I hereby decree that making fun of Jar Jar is more annoying than Jar Jar himself!! And that's not too hard, because JAR JAR ROX!!!! a little carried away there. I'm just supposed to report the news, not spew grand-moffish diatribes, right? Right. But it is this humble servant's opinion that...


Wat Tambor for Prez!!