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Visit the Message Boards!!

Posted by Amit on

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What's that you say?? Tired of ruthless Moffs like myself sitting on their high swivel chairs, telling you what to do, how to dress, and what brand of Blue Milk to buy?

Well stand up for yourself!! Let your voice or internet persona be heard at a Message Board near you! All of your questions will be answered, all of your Star Wars related thoughts shared, all of your dreams of growing to be a Jedi will come true with just one visit.*

The FanForce Board will be the main hub for official line news and discussion. You can also find out about other great NYC related SW events there, as the members of SWNYC work tirelessly to provide fun fun fun for the whole family family family.

The Emperor's Star Wars Board is the last remnant of the old republic - our original forum from the '99 line. If you're trying to find an old friend long gone, this would be a good place to start. Plus, the friendly atmosphere and newly redesigned site might just hook you in if you're a TWOSWF.

So drop by and pay us a visit! Spending the entire night typing on a board never hurt anyone, has it?? Probably not!

*Must have midichlorian count above 5,000