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We NEED Your help!!

Posted by Amit on

Number of people currently in line: 0

...You're our only hope! Well, maybe not only hope, but truly, any help here would be hot...

Things are progressing nicely with the logistics of preparation, and we have a lot of info regarding rules and sign up that are pretty much ready to go...

But we can't really have you do anything with them just yet. So far we have the OK from the Ziegfeld's landlords and from Lucasfilm to lock our S-foils in attack position and head over on April 27th. However, we're still waiting on official approval from Fox, which the theater feels is necessary to allow our event to take place. We have been in contact with them, but while we wait for a response, it would be pretty nice if we could show the Ziegfeld brass some quotes from Fox previously stating that they were OK with a grassroots, unofficial line-up. If anybody can remember such a statement being made, please let us know by dropping a line to

And while I'm submitting these pleas to the courts, I'd also like to ask if anyone out there knows of a possible technical sponsor that would be willing to provide server space and a webcam so that we can broadcast our geekdom around the world. Heck, if you have contacts with ANY kind of sponsor, we'd love to hear it! You know where to send it,

Oh, and by the by, expect the next newsletter issue to be coming your way shortly!!

45 Days!!!
Alllllmost there!!!!!!!