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Weekly Moderated Chat At SWNYC.COM Chat Room!

Posted by SWNYC on

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The staff of SWNYC.COM invite you to take part in a weekly discussion in our chat room this Tuesday, December 18th, 9pm -11pm EST. The topic will be Episode 2: What do you want to see? What's your theories? What will you do to prepare? And how will you celebrate or would like to celebrate the 25th anniversary of A New Hope on May 25th, 2002. PLEASE NOTE: These chats will be spoiler free and anyone posting a spoiler will be immediately muted. To clear up what we consider to be a spoiler...if it was not in the trailers or on the official site it is a spoiler.

These chats will become a weekly event between the hours of 9pm and 11pm EST. To acess the room go to SWNYC Chat Room. Scroll down a bit and read the instructions. We hope to see you there!