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WE'RE ALL CLEAR KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Amit on

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It is with great glee and a bit of relief that I can officially announce the New York Line for Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones, from April 27th to May 16th at the Ziegfeld Theater, in the heart of Manhattan. So haul out your inflatable Darth Maul chairs and sleeping bags, and get ready to raise funds and awareness for the Starlight Children's Foundation, have a whole skiff-load of fun, and see a certain movie featuring aggressive copied people.

We have secured tickets to the first showing of AOTC, which will be presented digitally at the Ziegfeld - a beautiful, one-screen movie house of yesteryear. Our insurance policy allows us to have 350 members, so if you want to be at the head of the line with us, keep checking back at, and make sure to sign up for our newsletter. Since this is New York, and free moments aren't always easy to come by, as we did in '99, the line will be operated on a shift method; members will have to meet a minimum requirement of points (different times are weighted with more point values) to qualify for a ticket. A shift schedule will be posted in the near future for you to look at and plan around, and early next week we should have the online sign up sheet ready so everyone can sign up for shifts. Like the TPM line, the amount of time you will need to earn your ticket is not going to be staggering - we want to promote an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie, and we trust that once you get on that line, you won't want to leave it. You will be entitled to a better seat in the theater based on how many points you earn waiting in line and how much money you raise for Starlight. Saying of which...

We are also extremely excited to be working again with the Starlight Children's Foundation, which is an organization that works to brighten the lives of seriously ill children. We are going to STRONGLY encourage all of our members to raise money for the charity via our NYLine-a-thon, in which you can ask for donations from friends/family/neighbors, either in a lump sum, or based on how many hours you wait in line. There are going to be some NICE incentives for those who raise a lot of money for the cause. The details haven't all been worked out yet...but you can imagine quite a bit! In a few days the Line-a-thon sponsor sheets will be available to print out, and I do hope everyone starts raising money as soon as possible. The line member must have the deepest would be quite easy to use us for purposes of getting a ticket, but that doesn't quite represent the spirit of Star Wars now does it? Besides, nobody would like you...I wouldn't like you either!;) Honestly though, any help you could offer would be much appreciated, even if it is simply helping to spread awareness of the foundation. For more information on our charity, and what our goals are, visit the Starlight section of our website.

That's about it for now, what else can I say?? This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Wizard!! We're gonna have a lot of fun!! Keep watching this space for all your line-up news and rules and such. Sign up for the newsletter, and if you have any questions, or possible leads on sponsors for us, the e-mail address is 35 Days to go!!!!!!!!