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We're all

Posted by Amit on

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How are you?

A couple of days ago I asked for some help regarding quotes from Fox. Well, we got that all cleared up, so...move along. :)

Well kids, we now have all of the Okeydays that we think we need to proceed...all we need is for all the people to Okeyday those Okeydays and we should be Okeyday to go in no time at all!! Cross any appendages you can find, and until then remain patient my blue friends! Here's where the fun begins!

Be ready for a newsletter issue coming shortly with coverage of the unbelievably wizard Press Day at the BMA for Magic of Myth, a preview of the play "Killing Jar Jar", and discussion of some of our line policies. And then, right on its heels will come the next issue with a BOUNTYful amount of our rules and regulations and such...

So if you haven't signed up yet for the newsletter, get in gear!!