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Another Thank You, from Me(sa)

Posted by Amit on

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Hey how ya doin?

Well it's been two weeks, and I still feel like...well, that...I'm backwards. I remain in a state of mind that waiting in line for Star Wars is "normal" and, you know – going to work and school is rather...odd. But what can you do, I suppose.

I know that Steve and Suzanne have already said thanks to everybody who was involved in NYLine III, and they did so in a more elegant and civilized way than I ever could. Nevertheless, since I didn't get a chance to talk to so many of you at the end, and since some of the money that you helped raise will go to hospitals that are near and dear to me personally, I just wanted to send out one more thank you - in case you're not tired of hearing how great you all are. I would have liked to say something more meaningful at the presentation before the movie, but I may or may not have been getting pretty choked up at that point. I mean...uh...with all that testosterone coursing through my body, some of it must have gotten caught in my throat. Or something. And after the movie...forget it, emotionally I felt like I had just spent two and a half hours riding Boga up and down the sinkholes of Utapau. Isn't that right, Boga?


(He agrees). Anyway, if I could mention all of you by name and say that you're so beautiful because I'm so in love with you, I would. But I guess that would make for a pretty long post, and that's coming from Wordy McRunon here.

Still, thanks to everyone who joined us on line – I was looking at the actual numbers of people who showed up for each shift today (because I do that sort of thing in my free time), and I was amazed by how many of you maintained that constant presence which helped show everyone who passed by or saw us on the news just how dedicated we were for Starlight. A special thanks to everyone who came from the outer rim, for really driving in that point. Occasionally slimy it was, often a mudhole during that first week, but 54th Street is our home, and you guys made it that way.

Thank you to everyone who had the gumption to ask somebody they knew for money for a charity because they were waiting on line for Star Wars. It's not the easiest thing to do, and I'm quite familiar with "the look" you get from normies when our space opera is brought up at all. And another Dexter-sized hug to anyone who ever picked up our donation bin and said to some stranger:


Special thanks to the Empire City Garrison, whose dedication to raising money was only matched by how much fun they made the entire experience. There's no Order 66ing these guys, they are simply the best and most caring in the galaxy.

A big salute to everyone who helped out our auction, which amazingly raised enough money for 3 Fun Centers by itself. Nathan Sawaya should never stop getting praise for managing to represent everything we are in plastic bricks. And along with providing the "bumpin" soundtrack to our entire line, thanks to the Sucklord for donating the dioramic vision of the line that only he could create. Donations came from sources far and wide, sponsors, line members, and staff – all should be commended.

In case you didn't look to your left and see the Geek Squad Death Star bus, look up and see the searchlight, or look down and see the red carpet at your feet provided by Clearview, NYLine III ended up being pretty big in scale. Many thanks to ALL of our sponsors for making it that way. But when it comes down to it, like all of our Stand-A-Thons, what will be long remembered is the people, the conversations, and the enthusiasm and hard work that went into raising the now more than $47,000 for the Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation. We look forward to keeping up the communications, out on the pavement and in our messageboard. Be sure to check out the planmaking thread for when members intend to make another pilgrimage to the Zieg for the next ROTS viewing. And I expect to see EVERYONE at Fan Day on June 18th, more details to come!