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Approaching the 1-Year Anniversary of NYLine III

Posted by Suzanne on

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As the month of May is almost upon us, the thoughts of many folks who participated in last year's NYLine Stand-A-Thon, have returned to memories of our 54th Street home. Even though there are no official plans for a full-fledged reunion, there has been some informal discussion on the NYLine message board and among former NYLiners to commemorate the anniversary in some way. Former NYLiner, Virve Aljas has organized a BBQ in Prospect Park for Sunday, April 23rd – check out the cool flyer below.

If you would like some funky, mood music to take you back to our merry band of Jedi and Sith Lords on 54th Street, Suckadelic and his DJ crew, BAND OF THE LOST, have finally dropped a new Star Wars mixtape recorded live at the Ziegfeld before the premier of Episode III. 72 minutes of the craziest DJ madness by Sucklord, The Crystal Pharoah, Billions McMillions, and guest cuts by Jenny Doom.

Finally, even though the last remnants of NYLine have been swept away, with the tents donated to Starlight Starbright and all its staff officially retired, the NYLine website will stay up indefinitely and be updated from time to time. As for any future Star Wars related events, always in motion the future is... We promise to keep you posted.

May the Force Be With You...Always.