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Geek Squad to Help NYLiners Telecommute from 54th Street

Posted by Steve on

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If you've been afraid to do the line because you're on deadline for a project, fear no more! Geek Squad, a subsidiary of Best Buy, will be giving NYLiners the ability to telecommute from the line. From the Geek Squad news release:

Geek Squad has assembled a fully operational workstation for members of the NYLine, which congregates outside of Manhattan's storied Ziegfeld Theater beginning April 30. This "docking bay," available during the final week of the line, will ensure that fans keep up with their jobs and lives leading up to the premiere. Geek Squad Agents also will be on hand at the line to provide mobile technological support and counsel.

Also, be sure to check out Geek Squad's handy excuse note, should you suddenly come down with a nasty case of Sith flu on May 19!