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Half Full or Half Empty?

Posted by Steve on

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Three weeks ago, we were in the Ziegfeld Theatre, getting ready to experience the thrill of our first screening of "Revenge of the Sith." Three weeks from today, "War of the Worlds" will open at the Ziegfeld, which means Episode III is exactly halfway through its run at the home of NYLine.

If the Zieg continues its schedule of four showings each day, that means we only have 80 more opportunities to see the final chapter of the "Star Wars" saga unfold in all its digital glory on the best screen in town.

Obviously, we'll be getting together for a screening on Fan Day next weekend, but it's never too early to start thinking about an appropriate NYLine farewell to "Star Wars" on the evening of June 28. Want to start planning now? Head over to this thread on our message boards.

And if the thought of this has you feeling sad, check out our NYLine Photo Gallery - it'll bring warm feelings to your heart.