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It was a dark and stormy night...

Posted by Suzanne on

Number of people currently in line: 28

Just got home from Shift 21 and the first hour of our 1st overnight - SHIFT 22!

It's windy, cold, rainy and our stream of tents are skewed at a 72 degree angle. Instead of attempting to write a legible report, I offer instead some quotable quotes...

  • Shift 22 - 1st overnight...WOO HOO!!
  • Is that lightsaber a spoiler?
  • Honey, Let's Blow up the Bed.
  • The Yankees are so in the Toilet! (followed by loud slapping sounds as Suzanne attacks the Boston fan who shall remain nameless)
  • The Padawn Picnic has been postponed until next Saturday...(repeated 36 times.)
  • What?! No Corvette Summer! I'm out of here!
  • Raves for E3 in Hollywood Reporter & Variety!
  • Freeks and Geeks Rock!
  • Hey AJ! You're not wearing shorts!
  • What's your preference - erotica or porn?

Good night!