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Know Thy Pavement...

Posted by Spell on

Number of people currently in line: 0

Vince Hardy, one of our tech wizards (and charming rogues) has created for your viewing pleasure, a gorgeous, virtual, 360 degrees, panoramic shot of our soon to be home on 54th Street!

The smattering of people pictured are photoshopped in to indicate where the line will begin. There's nobody lined up yet until NYLine's first shift on Saturday, April 30th. But there's still time for you to register to be there at the head of the line, when we start our countdown clock on Shift #1!

Click here to view!

To plan where you will lay down your sleeping bag, simply click and hold down your cursor over the above image then navigate your mouse within the movie to any desired spot. QuickTime is required. You can download a free player by clicking here.

NYLine 3 starts in less than a month! Have you registered yet? What on Coruscant are you waiting for? Register Today!