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NYLine Day 2: Greetings from the Pavement

Posted by Amit on

Number of people currently in line: 27

Didn't we just leave this party?

Welcome back, mes amis - I'm writing from our now extremely dry technology alcove, where 2 monkeys (me and Suzanne) are mindlessly tapping away at our keyboards, perhaps eventually coming up with the great American novel.

Wow, this is so much harder to do with people reading over your shoulder.


At this moment there's a pretty intense epic duel being waged to my left, the top half of a sweater being knitted to my right (sometimes I don't understand human behavior), and about 327 tons of free food off in a corner. With Starbucks giving us three urns of coffee (who knew coffee came in urns?), Kellogg's providing the Saber spoons and accompanying cereal, the Red Bull people making sure nobody was ever in need of energy, our friends at Izze presenting the newest innovation in juice technology, Bagel and Bean providing bagels but no beans to my knowledge, some delicious Angelos "gourmet" pizza, and I think Yoda hanging out back cooking up some rootleaf, for some reason people just want to give us free food!

Right now I just finished registering somebody using this very computer and Vince Hardy is hugging me!!

Also, I'm basically flipping out because the first batch of the NYLine auction closed with some pretty wizard results. We earned some $2,600, with still two more batches to go, including our mascot the Lego Liberty Jedi, which just got its first bid at $500! So yeah.

LINE. Sweet line. This pavement tastes so good.

We had more costuming on the line today, with help from the great people at the Empire City Garrison, drawing the crowds, taking pictures, and filling up our new Darth Vader head donation bin. We're off to a rousing start, but "this is just the beginning".

Oh yeah...and STAR WARS!!!

More later when people stop making fun of me. Which may be never...