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NYLine Day 3: Wesa Back

Posted by Amit on

Number of people currently in line: 22

Me: I can't keep writing Kamino references, you know.

JediRob: Well that's what Dagobah is for.

Yeah, yeah, so it rained again today. That's ok, we can take it, we're all men! Well, except for all of the women - but they can take it too!

Actually, the day started out beautifully, everything was soft and smooth, and we savored our 15 minutes of 54th Street sunlight. ABC's Eyewitness News stopped by to film a segment that will be part of a larger feature on the line, which will include trips to the Starlight offices and one of the hospitals that we placed a Fun Center in to in 2002. Pick up your visual scanning for that piece to possibly air on Tuesday!

We had a big turnout for a Monday morning, with over 20 people, new and old faces alike. I just want to send a big "shout out" (as the kids say, or at least did in the early '90s) to all of the new line members who have shown such enthusiasm in picking up the Starlight bins and soliciting donations these past few days. Indeed you are powerful, as I have forseen. We beat the "Beggar's Canyon" goal of $100 in the 11 AM - 3 PM shift, so everyone signed in received 3 extra points!

And then, of course came the troops. We've been so happy to have our perimeters secured by these clones with a cause. Today 3 more members of the ECG were able to "troop it up", even during work hours on a Monday, and an afternoon jaunt to Times Square brought back over $170! These guys make all the difference. I can get out on the street and ask for donations to the best of my abilities, but when I'm flanked by the Emperor's finest, I don't even have to shake my can (which is for the benefit of everyone). Thanks to Frank, Jonathan, Scot, and Christian for putting in the time during the past two days, and to all of the ECG for their efforts - it's been more than worthy of recognition in the archives.

You know what I still think is cool after all these years? Lightsabers. You know what else I think is cool, which I've recently gained much appreciation for? Tents. Tents that have walls that can zip up and keep us dry when the heavens open up and decide to fill up our tub with enough rain to actually show us that there's always a bigger fish. On the outside, it looked like this, with ImperialGuardRob as our only link to the outside world.

On the inside, 22 people watched Star Wars, ate Au Bon Pain pastries, and started the trivia contest odyssey. The first round's elimination question was "who brought Jar Jar to Boss Nass in Otoh Gunga?" Freddie took the prize (an Officalpix autograph from Celebration III), after Ron, who finished second, said the answer was me. I guess he knows me well, because I would take Jar-Jar anywhere!

We were also privileged to huddle around the television to witness the world premiere of our beloved Line Mom's second Line Image video montage, which featured some of Sunday's highlights. We'll be putting up her footage on the website soon, two or three more things and we're in great shape! And finally Qui-Gon Tim's ingenious idea for Star Wars Pictionary was a hit, the roars from inside the tent probably confusing a good number of passersby. People continued to play as we broke down camp around them. So we're basically at that point where none of us actually want to leave any more.

In other words, the line really has begun.