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NYLine Day 4: Lady Vader...Rise - UPDATED

Posted by Amit on

Number of people currently in line: 21

This is going to be a brief update, since I have to run back to the line and help set up camp in a few minutes, especially since I'm the one holding all of the sign-in materials for check in. Although holding all of that power in my hands is a bit intriguing...meh, what would I do with it anyway? If I were the most powerful Jedi ever, I'd probably use the force to figure out when my french bread pizza was fully cooked, so I wouldn't have to leave my chair.

Day 4 started out pretty quietly, but I love weekday mornings on the line - it's usually about 10-15 of us just sitting around talking about stuff like which actor who played Mas Amedda was your favorite, while the normies head off to work. I suppose they could be talking about the epic Jerome Blake vs. David Bowers debate too, but the odds are approximately...

Starlight Starbright dropped by, and gave us some hats and buttons to help spread the word, in addition to some Dean and DeLuca chocolate bars and Ennio Morricone CDs to give out as prizes. Check out these be-capped NY liners...they look absolutely beautifuuulll!

The real excitement picked up when a line started building behind our camp for the first Exhibitor's screening of Revenge of the Sith. We started working the line for donations, and they just couldn't say no - because if the dark side wasn't seductive enough, our own Lady Vader pushed them over the top. We raised over $250, with children of all ages posing for photographs with Mistress Vader and asking to put the money specifically in our Vader-head bin.

After the movie let out, the buzz was very positive, but I tried to stay out of it for fear of spoiliage. Plus, JediRob and I were engaged in a dactyllic game of Battlefront which left the two of us alone in Jabba's Palace, searching each other out to see who would meet their destiny and who would triumphantly do their off-time Lando Calrissian victory dance. The game ended when somebody pulled out the plug of the television because it was time to break camp.

I can't wait 'till Friday.

The quote of the day came from Emily, who asked "do you want a quote for the website?"

Actually, the quote was relayed through her from JediRob, who said "I wish I was wearing a skirt".

UPDATE: - Check out our image gallery for more Day4 pics.