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NYLine Day 6: Mind Tricks Don't Work On Me, Only Money

Posted by Amit on

Number of people currently in line: 20

Our line returned to some sense of normalcy today, after the hub-bub of the big Kingdom of Heaven premiere yesterday. I for one was happy to see it come and go, as I'm not exactly used to having all of those girls screaming and it not be for me. But if somebody is really nice on the line, I might do my impression of a teenage Orlando Bloom fan. It takes some effort though, lots of internal levers and buttons to push, like a Death Star warming up. NYLine member Charles Jeffreys has an uncanny resemblence to Peter Jackson, and at one point we were contemplating walking the crowds to see their reaction if we told people that he was the director of the Lord of the Rings - but I don't think most of the people there would have noticed or cared.

Anyway, there will be alot more up-close pictures to come of the celebrities making their way on the red carpet. Many of us happily stayed and watched over the camp, where we got to stare at the back of Liam Neeson's head. Even his neck was full of defiance and had a strong belief in the living force. It was awesome. Spell shook his hand and said that he felt a surge of the force even through that little gesture, although there's a chance that might have been static electricity.

Today's destiny was dominated by two press screenings for Episode III, and the lines that snaked in front of our camp for them. While those lines didn't have X-boxes and Lava Berry Explosion Pop-Tarts like ours did, the people waiting for todays showings did have plenty of money, which they graciously placed into our Darth Vader head donation bin. We had by far our best single day in fundraising on the pavement of all three lines, earning over $700 just today. The star of the show, as she is of every show that she's in, was bin-holder and spiel-giver Karen Grenke, whose bright eyes and winning personality won over every single person, to the point that I think they were just opening their wallets and letting her take whatever she wanted. A cute smile has a strong influence on the weak minded (and good-hearted). It was a great haul, and many thanks to everyone who helped pull it in.

In between shows, a couple of us went down to Toys R Us in Times Square to pick up a donation that they were giving to us for use on the line (in addition to their usual direct toy donation that they give to Starlight in our name). While we were there, JediRob bought a lightsaber (Ep. 3 Obi-Wan), because he does that type of thing, and because we've found the line's lack of lightsabers disturbing. I think we can now commence primary ignition on the sidewalk Jedi Power Battles.