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NYLine Day 7: We Overdid It

Posted by Amit on

Number of people currently in line: 27

Well, day 7 is winding down and I'm sitting here in my PJs, watching the Mets hopefully beat the Brewers - in my house (sorry ladies, I don't usually wear my pajamas on the line). Alas, I've been struck down with all of mother nature's hatred, and like so many others, have the dreaded line-ill. To put it simply...I feel terrible. Amongst staff alone, myself, John Green, Spell, Vince Hardy, and Jewels already have had to go AWOL after working full shifts this week. I hope all of our line members are in good health after the uncannily cold (but perfectly canny for the NYLine) May conditions. For the 28 members signed up for the first overnight shift, I wish you that which there is no such thing as, you are truly the hardcore. The love of Star Wars and our fundraising that NYLiners have cannot be cloned. Perhaps I'll run in to you tomorrow as we all go out to buy thermal underwear.

"The Mighty Jabba asks why he must pay 50,000?"

"Because he's holding thermal underwear!!"

Ok, now I'm officially losing it.

I'm trying to think of what else happened today, aside from me huddling in a chair as our beautifully zipped up tent walls fought gallantly against the wind. We now have our official NYLine toaster, microwave, and mini-fridge fully armed and operational. Also, Time Out NY visited the line, look for a story in next week's issue! I'm assuming nobody wants to hear about my hour-long trip to Wendy's in an attempt to warm up, and the fact that I accidentally crushed my baked potato by falling asleep on it, so I'll just hope that SOMEBODY out there fills in this story with some more information from after I left at 6 PM!

Good night all, hopefully I'll be back on the line by this Sunday A.D. at the latest, pulling myself away today was difficult enough!