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NYLine Day 8: Some remodeling @ our 54th Street Home

Posted by Suzanne on

Number of people currently in line: 13

Today was a momentous day in the history of the NYLine...

In 1999 we had no tent as our home base - just alot of plastic wrap and as a line member said, "some Frito Lay bags." Then in 2002, we had a red canopy that was lovingly referred to as "Echo Base." Now our 54th Street home consists of the original "Echo Base," two additional blue canopies and now three full fledged white tents with adjustable size panels that block the biting wind of 54th Street and during nice days, act as windows to our home.

Between yesterday afternoon and this morning, generous line members donated $10 each to the purchase of the third white tent! We were so into furnishing our new surroundings that no one took a picture that I could add to this news post, but we'll get one up soon!

Update: Click here for images of our new tents.

Also even with all the fancy weather technology out there, the forecast for today turned out to be just plain WRONG! As we announced yesterday, NYLine decided to postpone the Padawan Picnic to next Saturday, May 14th due to the predicted forecast of rain and high winds. The day turned out to be semi-windy as is the norm on 54th Street but not one rain drop fell from the sky! Some Starlight children and their families did visit the line and were greeted by Darth Vader himself and left with a cool gift bag full of Star Wars goodies.

Here's hoping that next Saturday's forecast of sunny skies turns out to be CORRECT!