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NYLine on "Showbiz Tonight" @ 10 p.m. and midnight!

Posted by Steve on

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NYLine was among the topics of discussion in the "The Buzz Bench" roundtable segment of this evening's edition of the CNN Headline News program "Showbiz Tonight," which will be rebroadcast at 10 p.m. and midnight.

In a 3-minute discussion focused on NYLine, hosts A.J. Hammer and Karyn Bryant gave us props for lining up at the correct theater (we already sense a recurring motif in the news coverage) and didn't forget to mention this is all for charity, though a shout-out to the Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation would have been appreciated! Also, we feel we should set the record straight and state that even though the event is called a Stand-A-Thon, we do not make participants stand the entire time - this is a party, not a fraternity hazing stunt!

In addition, correspondent Frank DeCaro wondered why we wouldn't just try to get into an early press screening. Apparently, some people just can't comprehend the thrill of being at the first public screening of a new "Star Wars" film, surrounded by people whose love of the saga equals yours...

Time Warner subscribers can find Headline News on Channel 37 throughout most of New York City; RCN customers will find it on Channel 47.