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Posted By Suzanne on 6/23/2005 10:23:23 PM EST

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Below is a list of all the press coverage for the 2005 NYLine. There were a total of 170 stories on the third and final installment of the NYLine trilogy, with 65% (110) of the stories specifically mentioning our Stand-A-Thon for the Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation. Thus our grand press tally for all three Stand-A-Thons is a Dexter-size 820 stories, with 88% (750) of them citing our fundraising efforts for Starlight!!

Special thanks to Jewels for being an incredible PR Assistant for all three NYLines and to Karen and Steve who provided extra media-backup. Thank you also to all the NYLine members and staff who so eloquently expressed their love for Star Wars, raised awareness for the Starlight Stand-A-Thon, and answered "Does your boss know where you are?" all in 10 seconds or less!



AOL Movie Channel

Arizona Central

Associated Press - news wire and photo (3)

Bloomberg Photo's


Business Wire

Chicago Tribune

The Daily News (5)

The Daily News Pix Wire

Entertainment Weekly

Gannett News Service

Getty Images (2)

North Jersey Herald

The Indianapolis Star

Long Island Press

Metro Newspaper (3)

Monterey Herald - California

MTVU - College Television

NewsCom Photo's

Newsday (3)

New York Magazine

The New York Post (2)

The New York Sun

The New York Times

The New York Times Photo Wire

The Onion (2)

Reuters - news wire and photo

San Bernandino News - California

San Diego Journal

Star Wars Insider

Sun Sentinel - Florida

TimeOut NY (3)

Tuscon Citizen - Arizona

USA Today (4)


Zuma Press Photo's


ABC News (2)

Associated Press Television

CBS – The Early Show

CNN (4)

CNN Showbiz Tonight

Conan O'Brien

Fox and Friends

Fox Movie Channel

Fox News (2)

Inside Edition

Jimmy Kimmel Show

New York 1 (3)

NYC-TV, Channel 25

WABC-Channel 7 (5)

WCBS-Channel 2

WFTV-Channel 9 Florida

WNBC-Channel 4 (3)

WNYW-Channel 5 (3)

WUPN-Channel 9

WPIX-Channel 11 (2)

WISTV-Columbia, SC


BBC News

BTV – Spain

The Canadian Press

El Periodico de Cataluna – Spain

El Tiempo – Columbia

El Universal – Mexico

Globe and Mail - Canada

Haaretz Daily Newspaper – Israel

London Free Press

MSNBS - Japan

New Zealand Herald

Nippon Television – Japan (2)

Singapore Press

Spin 103.8 – Ireland

Swedish National Radio

TF1 Television – France

The Toronto Star – Canada

The Sun – United Kingdom

TV Asahi – Japan (2)

TV Record - Brazil


Ain't It Cool News

BanthaTracksOnline (2)

Gothamist (2)

Hawaii-Reporter (2)

LiveWire (3)

Reason Online Hit & Run (6)


StarWarschicks (7)

TheOnion e-newsletter (3)

Yahoo News (2)


1010 Wins AM (2)



Sirius Satellite Radio



WMTX-FM, Tampa

WRRK-FM, Pittsburgh

Voice of America


"Even though we'll miss Lucas' films, now it's up to us to carry the torch and carry our feelings into the future," said Justin Scioli, 16 of Jersey City, a member of the NYLine.

The Daily News, May 19, 2005