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Champions of the Force! NYLine's Sponsors

One of the most important aspects of NYLine III are the people, companies, and organizations who help to make the line up a reality. Without them, none of this would be possible!

Cagey Productions

Cagey is a New York theatre company founded to empower emerging theatre artists. Cagey is a home for artists and producers to develop their work, themselves and their craft. Cagey doesn't only produce shows - they teach artists how to produce. Good shows, good company and you learn something to boot. Pretty cool, eh?

Cox Stationers & Printers

Cox Stationers & Printers has been producing quality printing products since 1907. Our in-house graphics design, typesetting, bindery and modern full-color presses ensure that the products you receive are the finest available today.

Clearview Cinemas

Clearview Cinemas Brings Neighbors To The Movies. Its 54 theatres located throughout the tri-state area feature an exciting variety of blockbuster, family and art films and include Manhattan's famed Ziegfeld Theatre, a frequent backdrop for film premieres and industry events.

Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse publishes a wide variety of licensed, creator-owned, and company-owned books. With over 500 books to select from, there is something for everyone in our portfolio. - Dorling Kindersley

Since its creation in 1974 Dorling Kindersley has published books that are instantly recognizable to children and adults worldwide. Initially established as a book packager and then a publisher in its own right, DK is now part of the internationally renowned Penguin Group, the second-largest English-language trade book publisher in the world. The integration of DK and Penguin links probably the two best known brands in American publishing. But while DK retains its own unique and completely independent identity, it benefits from strength and support that an organization like Penguin Putnam can offer.


Since 1984, Dreamhire LLC has become the world's most respected rental source for digital and analog recording equipment, Digidesign Pro Tools systems, keyboards, synth modules, microphones, outboard processors, and a whole variety of other equipment including Sony Digital Betacam recorders (PAL and NTSC). Dreamhire LLC can supply just about anything you may possibly need to augment even the best equipped recording studio.

Empire City Garrison

The "Empire City Garrison" is New York's Premiere Professional Costuming club celebrating the might and the glory of the Empire as depicted in the Star Wars films. The core membership of ECG consists of Imperial Stormtroopers and other hardcore armored personnel who are lead forth by Lord Darth Vader and his Imperial minions in the effort to bring the New York City/State region under Imperial control. All members of ECG strive to make the BEST possible representations of the Imperial characters in Star Wars with an emphasis on quality, realism, and professional deportment. The Empire City Garrison is a loyal member of the 501st Worldwide Legion of Imperial Stormtroopers and is available as volunteers to serve the charitable needs of the Greater New York City/State community when called upon.

Forbidden Planet

What makes us different? We're the world's LARGEST and BEST-KNOWN science fiction, fantasy and cult entertainment retailer. With stores in nine UK towns and cities, we cater for both casual shoppers and dedicated collectors alike. We're the ONLY place to find the latest and greatest in action figures, books, CCGs, comics, DVDs, games, graphic novels, magazines, models and kits, posters, t-shirts, toys and trading cards!

Geek Squad

Geek Squad - Your Defense Against Unruly Technology - When an emergency strikes, Agents are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 525,600 minutes a year - By phone, by store, by your side - you make the call - 1 800 Geek Squad.

Guitar Center - The Musician's Choice

Guitar Center, the nation's largest musical instrument retailer: selling guitars, basses, amps, accessories, keyboards, software and MIDI, recording, pro audio, live sound, DJ and lighting, drums and percussion gear and equipment.

Halloween Adventure

We are the largest retailer of party apparel in New York City and have the widest selection of costumes, masks, wigs, makeup, novelties, gags, and magic tricks, for Halloween, Mardi Gras, carnivals, parades, costume parties and other events.

Hotel Pennsylvania

Of all the New York City hotels, Hotel Pennsylvania is the World's Most Popular of the New York hotels. Hotel Pennsylvania has 1,700 rooms, the fourth largest of the New York City hotels. With its superb midtown Manhattan location, New York's Hotel Pennsylvania has ideal New York hotel reservations and New York City hotel reservations for business, meetings or vacations in the Big Apple.

There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance - that principle is contempt prior to investigation. Aged beyond his wisdom.

IZZE Beverage Company

The IZZE Beverage Company produces the highest quality, all-natural sparkling fruit juices that are refreshing, healthy and pure. We conduct our business with integrity, innovation, and conscientiousness. IZZE encourages an enviorment of learning, bith internally and through philanthropic actions that invite cultural discovery.

J&J Camera

J&J Camera provides electronic and traditional prepress services for offset and screen printing. Supply files electronically for expert color separated film output, or have negatives exposed from traditional camera ready mechanicals.

Film positives, film negatives, stripping, metal plates, enlargements and reductions, stats, blueprints, halftones, and electronic scanning. Located in Elizabeth, NJ.


Though we make toys, we are not just a toy company. Though we are famous for our product, we are defined by our philosophy. Our name comes from the combination of the Danish "leg godt", which means to "play well." It is both our name and our nature. We believe that play is the essential ingredient in a child's growth and development. It grows the human spirit. It encourages imagination, conceptual thinking and creation.

Master Replicas

"Master Replicas are a bunch of lunatics who watch too many movies, work too hard, have no lives, but make cool stuff that helps collector's dreams come true. Word."

Barry Jones
Manager – Star Wars Division

Nathan Sawaya - The Art of the Brick

Nathan Sawaya is a professional LEGO artist and former LEGO Master Model Builder with a gifted skill set that he's been honing since the age of five.

As featured on NBC's Today Show, MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann, ESPN's Cold Pizza, ABC'S Jimmy Kimmel Live, countless network affiliate news programs, Newsweek, the Los Angeles Times, The Hollywood Reporter and Newsday, Sawaya is one of the top LEGO sculptors in the world.

The Onion - America's Finest News Source

Every week, three million readers turn to the world's most popular humor publication for a much-needed dose of Onion satire and entertainment coverage. In a history spanning 15 years, six popular books, and 10 Webby Awards, The Onion has attracted legions of loyal fans drawn to its scathingly funny commentary on world events, human behavior, and journalistic convention.

TheStaff has always offered NYLine the highest quality hosting services and dedicated solutions around! They have also been gracious enough to supply us with free hosting for almost 4 years.


The year was 1998, and one self-declared Super Genius sets out to make a name for himself by channeling the media hype building around the release of Star Wars Episode I; The Phantom Menace. By releasing the unlicensed CD STAR WARS BREAKBEATS, an album of hip-hop and funk breaks mixed with liberal samples from the Star Wars trilogy, the Super Genius was recognized as such by such culture shaping magazines as Spin, Raygun, the Beastie Boys' Grand Royal as well as Star Wars Insider.

Toy Tokyo

Toy Tokyo meets your toy needs, carrying all the hottest and new products from around the world. Some of what we carry includes Futura, Urban Vinyl, Seen, Star Wars, Kubricks, Pez, Michael Lau, Scary Girl, Batman, GI Joe figures, and many many more!


UGO (pronounced "Yu-Ji-Oh") is the leading online source for Fantasy Entertainment coverage. With contributors spanning the globe, UGO has assembled a cast of experts for every dimension of Fantasy Entertainment - games, movies, television, comic books, animation, music and more.