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I've Had The Most Peculiar Dream

Posted by Amit on

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Oh, hello there. Come here, my little friends, don't be afraid of my bushy beard and unkempt hair. I know it's been some long time, and I apologize, but it appears we live in a real world, and I had to come back to it. There was some catching up to do at work, some friends and family I'd been neglecting, some decisions that have been put off, so you know I had to be productive for a while. Yeah...productive...that's what I've been. Because I CERTAINLY haven't spent the past two and a half weeks reliving the line experience in any possible fashion I could find. It's certainly not that I shut myself in my apartment, set all of the clocks back to April 27th, and painted the Death Star on my stomach. No, that would be messed up. I mean, what kind of IDIOT would take the remnants of the red duct tape, lay it on his floor and sit down, pretending to talk to JediRob and Victor Merced? I'd be a damn fool if I wrote "Kevin J. Anderson" on all of my roomate's books pretending that he autographed them for me, or turned on the air conditioner so it hit 40 degrees during the night. And it'd be almost psychotic to print up huge novelty checks and repeatedly present them to myself on behalf of children's charities. Right? So no my old jedi friends, I would NEVER go to such lengths to recreate that more civilized age. No. I have been living a normal life...despite my appearance...really...

But the true reason I seek an audience with your greatnesses is because I do have some news to relay. I'm sure you don't want another lecture, at least not on the economics of charity, but the fact remains that we're STILL raising money for Starlight. Even if you didn't get a chance during the line, one can still print out the Stand-a-thon forms and solicit lump sum donations. And we have plenty of incentive shirts left, so if you can garner $50, it's yours! Feel free to forget the niceties of democracy to get those funds if you must! E-mail us at for the Also, if you haven't seen them yet, we also have the official shirt, featuring that cloning guy, which is available to purchase here, and all profits from those shirts will go to Starlight as well.

Another thing is that if you have some pictures from the line scanned into your little holocron, please send them along to us! We're going to post a whole slew of 'em (with full credit given of course) soon, so you can look forward to that! You all remember the email address don't you?

And the last thing I wanted to do was just give out a big 'ole THANKS to everyone who helped organize and participated in the line. I really can't express in words what an experience that was, at least not in English or Basic or whatever. Maybe there are some Geonosian clicks and whistles that can do the job, but I'm still at a loss. I had almost forgotten how pure the hearts of Star Wars fans can be, how they can embrace a cause like our fundraiser so quickly and passionately. And our hearts are beating, hoping that we won't lose touch with any of you so that when 2005 comes around we can all bid adieu to Star Wars in grand fashion. But let's keep our focus here and now where it belongs, okeyday? We're still hoping to do something for the Fan Day weekend, so keep the month anniversay open!! And I'm sure we'll meet again and again this summer, so look for me around row M!!! And don't worry, we'll continue to fill this site with frivolity, despite the fact that probably nobody's out there reading anymore!!

Oh by the way, did you see the list of the Press Coverage we received? No? That's because I knocked it off the Top Story header before anyone could read it! And that's because I'm a moron!!