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NYLine Day 1 - Death Star Bellies and Deep Pockets

Posted by Amit on

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That was pretty cool...

Day one was quite an eventful...event. I'm really tired. Perhaps my feelings could best be relayed in the form of a haiku:

Star Wars Fans are cool
They played epic duels A LOT
Eighteen days to go

The day started out with a bang...or should I say a hang? As we set up camp, put up the tent, signs, and officially said WESA BACK, reaquainting ourselves to concrete that was a little colder, but no less harder than when we left three years ago

Y'know what, I like bang better than hang.

Some more notable events included our own John Green painting the Death Star on the very pregnant stomach of fellow staff member and sister-in-law Jewels Green. (It was the ANH version for all of you who care about such things. I of course couldn't care less...I didn't debate the issue for two days in an internal monologue that delved into my deepest fears and regrets. No. Did I mention I'm a little tired?)

As you all know from seeing this story, the incentive shirts you will receive for raising $50 in Starlight Donations are...quite the thing to see. Well this afternoon, a fine chap from the isle of Great Britain took heed of the one (and until Tuesday only) shirt that we had out to impress the passersby. Well, he told us that he was not leaving the street without the shirt, and before we knew it Steve Lorenzo was haggling better than a Toydarian who's...really good at haggling. I'm really tired. To cut to the chase we ended up selling the shirt for a cool $200, and so our goal for Starlight just got a nice kick in the patoot. Thanks, cawazy British guy, wherever you are!!!!

But the main issue of the line was basically to have a great big family reunion. A whole mess of faces who we haven't seen in three years were there, showing their continued support, making new friends, basking in the glow of Star Wars, and trying to make people understand that we weren't waiting to get into the next showing of "Life or Something Like It". Reunited, baby, and it feels so GONZO. It was a fantasgreat day, emotions ran high, temperatures ran low, and now I have to go to sleep because I have to be back in 8 hours. We'll be back soon with a mess of pictures from opening day, and hopefully we'll be getting NYLine TV up and running next week. Until then, check out our first feature covering the opening of Magic of Myth at the BMA over there!! Time for bed, me, I'm not going to tell me again!!

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