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The Shroud of the Dark Side and A New Hope

Posted by Amit on

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Well my old jedi friends, it appears that despite our weather conditions mimicking those of certain planets that are controlled by hutts, someone has decided that the summer is essentially over. It is with great reluctance that I must inform you that as of July 12th, the Ziegfeld will no longer be showing Attack of the Clones. I suppose that management feels that "Road to Perdition" is some form of new hotness (when any of us could inform them that it is, in fact, old and busted). Sometimes there are things no one can fix, and this seems to be one of them. Believe you me, I would have given it a shot if it were possible, I even already had my picket signs all ready, with witty sayings like "Road to Crappytown-ition!", "Don't Disown the Clones!" and "Pleeeeeeeeeeeease, dear maker, don't you understand how much this means to us! I mean, we waited outside of your theater for 3 weeks. Obviously we don't have much, so why take this away now??"

But alas, such is the way of things. The way of the force. We shall move on. Before we do, however, everybody should make sure to be at the Zieg on July 11th, to send out the clones in spectacular fashion! Sadly, I probably won't be around for the big event, so somebody please pour a forty of Jawa Juice on the sidewalk outside the theater for me.

Hey, how about some GOOD news??

The adorable A.J. Green

Perhaps you know of Jewels Green, our PR Protoge and resident Death Star. You might remember her from such tv appearances as "the pregnant lady" in the triumph sketch. Well, as of July 3rd at around 1 am, she's not so pregnant anymore - Jewels and Bill (well, mostly Jewels) gave birth to Alexander John Green. There are plenty of references to Death Stars blowing and thermal exhaust ports that I could make, but I'll resist in the name of good taste.

Anyway, the youngling came in at 6 pounds, 14 ounces, has a midichlorian count of roughly 20,000, and is truly as cute as cute can be. Plus, if this friend has anything to do with it, this kid is going to have a healthy affection for one Mr. Jar Jar Binks, despite parental disagreement. So congratulations to Bill and Jewels, to new uncle John Green (Staff artist, and the one who introduced the couple three years ago today), and to all family out there - including John and Bill's mother who is one of the few of you who's still checking the site!!

The force will be with little Alex, I have forseen it!